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Fundamentals of Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundations are essentially large, thick slabs of concrete that is directly poured into the ground at one go. Apart from providing a flat surface such as floors and ceilings, they are an important element to a building’s stability.

Depending on the reinforcement provided, the ratio of spans and types of beam support, there are two main variations to slab foundations, namely one-way slab and two-way slab. There are varying conditions and stipulations surrounding construction and it advisable that you seek out the services of expert contractors. They make the best selections by first factoring in the building’s aesthetic features, span length and architectural layout. Concrete slabs are further classified into flat slabs, one-way joist slab, waffle slab, hollow core slab, hardy slab, slab on grade and composite slab.

Fundamentals of Concrete Footers

Concrete footers form an essential part of any concrete foundation construction. They basically comprise of concrete with rebar buttressing that has been poured into a dugout. It mainly serves as a support to the foundation as well as prevents settling. The reinforcement it provides is crucial especially areas that have troublesome soils. Their construction should preferably be left in the hands of professional concrete contractors. This is since they are better able to carry out an assessment of the soil conditions and choose the appropriate placement and dimensions of the footings. The type of structure to be built is also a critical determinant of the depth and width of the concrete footers. Without proper footing placement, the building’s structural integrity would be compromised.


Why Should You Choose Us as Your Concrete Slab Installer?

Concrete slab installation is a meticulous process that should not be taken lightly. There are a lot of contractors out there that lack certain key features that would make them suitable for this type of construction project. A few of these critical characteristics include

1. Paying Keen Attention to Your Project
We prioritise customer satisfaction and grasp the true meaning of getting the job done right. We employ the most exceptional o contractors that pay keen attention to detail. This gives us an indisputable edge over our competitors in the construction sector.

2. Years of Experience
With extensive experience in the construction industry, we have successfully established a reputable name for us and set the standards for quality concrete services. Our team of experts has completed an extensive number of projects thus giving them the exposure to deal with any construction project that you may have to offer.

3. Affordable Construction Packages
Different projects come with varying requirements and prerequisites. These ultimately translate to varying project costs and levels of expertise needed. We provide affordable cost guides and estimates that can be uniquely designed to match your construction needs.

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