Museum of Commerce

Pensacola’s Museum of Commerce is a recreation of a street scene in Pensacola, Florida, based on enterprises that flourished in the city between 1880 and 1910. It is a part of the Historic Pensacola Village, which is located within the Pensacola Historic District. It’s not far from a real charming venue, the Saenger Theater.

The interior of this brick turn-of-the-century warehouse contains a rebuilt streetscape from the 1890s. A historic toy store, as well as leather, hardware, music, and print stores, are on display. A large collection of historic presses and type may be found in the print shop, which is one of the most comprehensive collections in the Southeast. A fascinating collection of horse-drawn buggies is also on display as part of this evocative reconstruction of the world of business from bygone eras. A single ticket good for seven days gives you entry to this museum as well as all of the other Historic Pensacola museums, tours, and other attractions.

The Museum is comprised of twenty properties, some of which are historical interpretive sites. They consist of a variety of shops selling toys, leather products, hardware, and music, as well as a print shop, a gas station, and a tram. The print business is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of ancient printing presses and type in the entire Southeast region. Because the trolley is unable to turn around, the seats are reversible. The conductor moves his steering wheel to the other end of the trolley and directs it in that direction as well.

A classroom is housed in a structure that is reminiscent of a train station. When a representative from Historic Pensacola is present, supervised groups may be let into stores at the discretion of the representative. Historic Pensacola rents out the Museum of Commerce for a variety of events throughout the year. The Museum of Commerce offers a glimpse of life on a streetscape in the 1890s, replete with old storefronts and objects on display. Despite the fact that the space is bustling with activity, your event will take center stage. No matter if you are planning a wedding reception, luncheon or banquet, corporate celebration, or performance, this area will help you realize your vision.