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Get the Benefits of a Brand New Driveway

A driveway makeover can change the whole look of the property. It increases the curb appeal as well as the safety and usefulness of the property.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

That's right. Turn single into a double or add a spot on the side. And it will look fantastic!

Play on a Smooth Driveway

Dribble, skateboard or play on a new smooth driveway.

Make Room for Guests and Visitors

Make guests feel welcome with a spot to park!

Eliminate Tripping Hazards

A new driveway is beautiful, functional and creates a safe environment.

Park Boats and Rvs

A new driveway is beautiful, functional and creates extra room for boats, trailers, RVs and more.

And the Peace of Mind from Working with Pensacola Concrete

All concrete contractors are not the same. We strive to provide a great experience every time.

Fast Installation

We can usually demolish, replace and cleanup a new driveway in 10 days

Quality Materials

We use at least 3000 psi concrete and we can pump or pour as needed.

Attention to Detail

We listen closely and we pay attention to the details of each project.

Great Pricing

We have fantastic prices for our quality work.

Best Designs

We can design a beautiful driveway with a picture frame edge.


What Our Customers Say About Us

"Incredible job. Within a week of contacting, we had a new driveway. Super impressed with the results. Made such a difference to our house. We highly recommend."

- Chrissy C.

" Showed up on time and did work on schedule. And the price was right! Excellent job. Definitely recommend."

- M. D.

Our No-Obligation Consultation

There is more to pouring a long-lasting concrete driveway than just calling a concrete delivery company and setting up delivery. It takes an experienced concrete professional to assess the area and to come up with the best solution. Our estimators and project supervisors are experts with decades of experience and we take pride in delivering an awesome concrete project every time. During our free consultation and quote, we will ask a few questions such as:

What's the expected use for the area ?

An important part of prescribing the correct thickness of the concrete is to understand the anticipated uses for the area.

What is the grade of the property?

Making sure that rainwater drains properly is an important consideration as well. A new concrete driveway can help improve drainage.

Access to the project area?

Our estimator will assess the access to the project area to ensure that we include the right equipment in the quote for the project.

Our Dream Driveway System

We've completed many driveway installations and replacements and we've learned that most projects include a mix of the following steps. Our consultation will address each step and our quote is customized for each customer.

Grass Removal

When we widen or extend a driveway we often have to remove the turf in the project area.

Concrete Cutting & Removal

In the case of a driveway or patio replacement, we'll cut and remove the existing concrete.

Grading the Area

If the driveway or patio is eroded, we may need to bring in fill dirt to restore a proper grade to the area.


Our experienced framers, will cut the boards and set up the forms for the concrete. We also prep footers and add rebar as required.


We have the best finishers in the area and they can create an even broom finish for a safe driveway.

Saw Cutting/Cleanup

We usually return within 24 hours of the pour to add saw cuts to the concrete to allow for expansion and contraction. We'll return again to remove formboards and clean up any construction debris.

Decorative Edging/Pavers

Considering adding decorative touches like a picture-frame edge? Let us know.

More Testimonials

Pensacola Concrete did a fantastic job on my driveway! These guys paid so much attention to the details that it really amazed me. Also, they were extremely competitive in pricing! I will definitely be using their services again in the future. Thank you for the professional manner in which you have dealt with the laying of our driveway. We are delighted with the end result.

— P. S.