Pensacola Children’s Museum

For anyone searching for an entertaining indoor activity on a hot day, the Pensacola Children’s Museum is a great place to visit. It provides a more in-depth look at 450 years of Pensacola, FL history, with exhibits that are suitable for the entire family to enjoy. From hands-on exhibitions for younger children to a more in-depth history for teens and adults, the museum provides a couple of hours of entertainment and educational opportunities for all ages. Check out the interesting hands-on Brick Makerspace, spend some time reading to your children in the reader’s nook, and make a quick detour in the gift store for some locally produced wooden toys before you leave the museum.

With its location in the city center, the Pensacola Children’s Museum gives visitors an inside look at the city’s 450-year history in an environment that is designed just for children. The museum has two floors of interactive displays that inspire learning and provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. The Pensacola Children’s Museum, a historical museum aimed toward children, invites you to immerse yourself in Pensacola’s 450 years of history. Fun for the whole family on two floors of hands-on learning activities! Travel to the Panton Trading Post, the Lavalle Cottage, the Fort, the Native American Village, and the Kiddie Corral, or take a cruise on the Galveston Island Ferry. This program is intended for children ages nine and up.

The first floor is specifically created for younger children – the museum specifies that it is intended for children under the age of 10 – while the second story is intended for older children, teenagers, and adult visitors. On the first floor, children will have the opportunity to learn everything they can about colonial life in Pensacola. The Publix Supermarket display, a Colonial Classroom, a Native American exhibit, and the Strickly Briks Makerspace are all located on the second floor of the building. Land and Sea: Wonders of the Gulf Coast will open its doors later in the summer of 2021. The grownups may enjoy a visit to the Pensacola Museum of Commerce.

The Pensacola Children’s Museum was created to provide interactive, imaginative, and educational play opportunities for children of all ages in the context of a historical museum setting. It is possible to learn about Pensacola’s Maritime and Lumber Industries, our Military History, Native American traditions, and the Multicultural History of the city while on a visit.